Wehlers is a sustainable design furniture brand for the conscious consumer who refuses to compromise on design and quality.

Our philosophy is simple; we don’t think the world needs more designed furniture – however, we do think that it needs more options for conscious consumption.

The furniture we design is all made with recycled or sustainable sourced materials and circular economy is an important part of our design solution. We insist that our furniture is repaired, reused and recycled during and after “end of life cycle”.

Ocean Plastic

Wehlers have been using ocean plastic in our furniture for a long time and we can now proudly present R.U.M., short for ‘Re-Used Materials’, a chair made entirely from ocean plastic and recycled steel.

In collaboration with CF Møller Design, Wehlers has designed and developed RUM where we up-cycle fishing nets into a design chair.

We first started using upcycled ocean plastic to create the small leg caps of our dinning chair ALTERNATIVE and now we are proud to be using the ocean plastic in large scale as the seat and back of our chair RUM.



Wehlers adds to the Danish design tradition in which honesty is seen in the material, and form is defined from Scandinavian minimalism and function.

Our design is a natural and new extension to comprehensive architecture because of the design and sustainability combination.

Our goal is to make design matter and reducing our environmental footprint in the making, therefore we design furniture that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and savour them.

Made in Denmark

Everything from design to production is made in Denmark in collaboration with some of the best Danish designers and architects. In both quality and design it is easy to see that Wehlers is founded in the Danish design tradition and we hope to inspire consumers to buy good quality design furniture that are also sustainably created.

We have high standards of both quality, design and sustainability, and we want to create products that will stand the test of time. This is seen in both the durability of the materials we use and in the timelessness of each piece of furniture.


Wehlers has designed an intelligent ECO-system. It means that Wehlers helps its designers, suppliers & customers to become more sustainable.

Wehlers believes in the circular principles. We are convinced that well designed, sustainable products are the starting point for a sustainable interior. Wehlers closes material loops and take its responsibility when it comes to utilizing materials.

Wehlers furniture collection is designed in such a way that they can be reused at any point in the future – design with the end in mind.

All of our furniture has a high content of reused materials. If we do require new materials for a product, we use as many renewable and local materials as we can find.


Today’s linear “take, make, dispose” model relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy, and it is a model that has reached its physical limits.

We insist that our furniture is repaired, reused & recycled during and after “end of life-cycle”.


Wehlers pay taxes in Denmark and shows all main suppliers, click “Press” and see the product descriptions.

Did you know #1

Wehlers furniture is made of recycled material?

Every material we use is sustainable and we go a long way to find the best   recycled materials to create good quality furniture. We use everything from upcycled ocean plastic, recycled steel, FSC-certified wood and recycled textile.


Did you know #2

Wehlers is the Europe’s first certified B-corporation furniture brand?

The B-Corp certification stands for “Benefit Corporations” and we are proud to be part of a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more sustainable economy.

Being B-Corp certified means that Wehlers meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance purpose and profit.


Did you know #3

Wehlers is taking ocean plastic out of the ocean and bring this into the Wehlers ECO-system to prevent it from re-entering?

We are using upcycled ocean plastic in our products from small to large scale and we want to ensure it will never end up back in the ocean again.

Did you know #4

All Wehlers furniture is taken back for re-use and re-cycling to prevent landfill and excess use of resources?

We insists on circular economy and to reduce our environmental impact by ensuring a circle-of-life for all our products. We are on a mission to change the furniture industry for good because our place in history depends on the choices we make.


Did you know #5

Wehlers is inspired by danish design tradition in which honesty is seen in the material and form is defined from minimalism and function.

About Us

“Actually we don’t think the world needs more designed furniture. However, we do think that it needs more options for conscious consumption. The result is Wehlers furniture for good. We founded the company to be the positive change we wish to see in the world. For the sake of our children and their children. Our place in history depends on the choices we make”

– Maria & Henrik

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