Sustainable design furniture to the conscious consumer who refuses to compromise on design and quality. Circular economy is the solution Wehlers offers via the furniture ECO-system.

Made in Denmark

We insist on circular economy, local Danish craftsmanship and we are on a mission to change the furniture industry for good.



Wehlers adds to the Danish design tradition in which honesty is seen in the material, and form is defined from minimalism and function.

Our design is a natural and new extension to comprehensive architecture because of the design & sustainability combination.


Wehlers is Danish design furniture with high
standards towards design, quality & sustainability. Tests are done at the Institute of Technology, Denmark


Wehlers has designed an intelligent ECO-system. It means that Wehlers helps its designers, suppliers & customers to become more sustainable.


We insist that our furniture is repaired, reused & recycled during and after “end of life-cycle”.


Wehlers pay taxes in Denmark and shows all main suppliers under “press”

Did you know #1

Wehlers furniture is made of recycled material?

Did you know #2

Wehlers is the Europe’s first certified B-corporation furniture brand?

Did you know #3

Wehlers is taking ocean plastic out of the ocean and bring this into the Wehlers ECO-system to prevent it from re-entering.

Did you know #4

You will find more information on all products by clicking “shop now”?

Did you know #5

All wehlers furniture is taken back for re-use and re-cycling to prevent landfill and excess use of resources?

About Us

“Actually we don’t think the world needs more designed furniture. However, we do think that it needs more options for conscious consumption. The result is Wehlers furniture for good. We founded the company to be the positive change we wish to see in the world. For the sake of our children and their children. Our place in history depends on the choices we make”

– Maria & Henrik

Find Us

External Showroom 

Domusnord Showroom

Vendersgade 5, 1363 Copenhagen K, Danmark

+45 71 90 08 90




Århusgade 138A, 2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Tlf +45 60 89 82 23



Guldbergsgade 29C, 2200 Copenhagen N

Tlf +45 61 43 53 42


Estlandsgade 20, 1724 Copenhagen V

Tlf +45 60 15 45 02


Trommesalen 2, 1614 Copenhagen V

Tlf +45 70 27 29 10

Møblèr Bornholm

Sdr. Hammer 4, 3730 Nexø

Tlf +45 56 44 10 11


Wehlers ApS, Ryesgade 116a, 1. (by appointment only).

DK-2100 Copenhagen.

CVR 32307462

Established: in 2014 Copenhagen Denmark

Phone: +45 2567 1638

Email: info@wehlers.com

Ownership: Maria Fryd Wehler, Henrik Holm